There are a number of reasons that some individuals may have for avoiding gluten in their diets. Some have celiac disease, and so they need to ensure that what they consume is gluten-free. Some have gluten intolerance or gluten sensitivity, and so they would want to avoid consuming gluten whenever possible. Whatever reasons people may have for avoiding the consumption of gluten, they would certainly want to determine if certain products are gluten-free. However, many products do not indicate on their packages whether or not they contain gluten. Those who either need or want to avoid consuming gluten can often be unsure of whether or not they should avoid consuming some products.

Methods for helping individuals quickly and easily determine if products are gluten-free can be useful. An application for the Android operating system titled “Is This Gluten-Free?” has been made to help users easily access information online on whether or not products contain gluten.

This Android app has been designed to be simple, yet useful. With this app, you may first try to enter a product’s name automatically into a search field by scanning the product’s barcode. After scanning a barcode, the app tries to retrieve the product’s name from online databases that contain information on millions of UPC codes and their associated product names. And if necessary, you may choose to manually enter the product name into a search field. The screenshot below shows the main screen in which you can choose to scan a UPC code, or go directly to the section for searching online for information on products.

ITGF Main Menu

Then with the name of the product entered automatically or manually, you may then search websites that contain information on thousands of products and whether or not they contain gluten.

ITGF Search Screen

So this app helps you determine if a product contains gluten or not when you have that product and an Internet-connected Android device with you. And if you don’t have the product with you, you may still enter the name of it into the app’s search field to easily search online to find out if it is gluten-free.

You may find this app on Google Play by clicking the link below. If you have any questions or comments on this app, please feel free to post them in the comments section here. It can be difficult and inconvenient to ensure that products are gluten-free. We hope that this app will make it less difficult for those who must determine whether or not products are gluten-free.

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