We have once again made some minor changes to our Android app titled “Is This Gluten-Free?” to improve it. One change that may be noticed is that there is no longer an option to search for results on a website that appears to have been discontinued. We have also made it so that it should be more likely to retrieve data on products after their barcodes are scanned. In addition, we have also tried to make the app retrieve data more quickly. The change in the difference of time that it takes for data to be retrieved by this app may be subtle. However, we can understand users of this app not wanting to wait even less than a second too long to receive information on whether a product is gluten-free or not.

As always, we would like to receive feedback on this app about possible issues with it, and we would like suggestions on how we can improve it. You may leave comments on this app here, so that you can go into much detail about what you find right or wrong with this app. We try to receive positive feedback on this app, although we would also appreciate your feedback on how we can make the app better for determining whether or not products are gluten-free.

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