It has been a long time since the last post to this blog. We have been very busy with developing another Android app that you may find quite useful. However, we are not too busy to pay attention to feedback regarding the Android app that we have released. Although it has been said that it is easy to use, we understand that there may be some confusion and misunderstandings that some might have when using our “Is This Gluten-Free?” app. In this post, we hope to clear up any confusion regarding use of this app.

With this app, you may try to determine if a product contains gluten by first entering that product’s name into a search box. You may do so by typing it in, or you may scan the product’s barcode to try to automatically enter the name of the product. However the name of the product is entered, you are given a choice of methods to search for information online to determine if that product contains gluten. A screenshot of the app in which this choice of methods is given is pictured below.

Is This Gluten-Free Search Results Page
Methods for Searching for Product Information

We have decided to make the default website for determining whether or not products are gluten-free. As that site contains information on over 10 000 products, there may not be a better place on the web for finding that information. And when you choose to search for information on products on through this app, the app displays a page on the site that may list search results related to the product name entered previously. A screenshot of this search results page is pictured below.

Is This Gluten-Free Search Results Page
This Page Contains a Search Result, Not Actual Product Information

In this example, only one search result is listed. However, we have found that some were led to believe that any products listed on search results pages were gluten-free after seeing the “thumbs up” image that is there. That image is not actually an indication that any products listed on this page are gluten-free. To actually determine if a product listed in search results contains gluten or not, you will need to select that product’s name. After selecting that product’s name, a web page with information on that product should appear. Pictured below is a screenshot of the web page that appears after selecting “Classic Yellow Mustard” from that search results page.

Is This Gluten-Free Product Information Page
The Kind of Page That Actually Contains Product Information

As this page indicates, this product does not contain gluten. Therefore, it is this kind of page, one in which it is clearly indicated whether or not a product is gluten-free, that you want to find when searching

With this app, we have tried to make determining whether or not products contain gluten to be as simple and convenient as possible. And we hope that this explanation of how you can find this information through this app will help clarify any confusion regarding what is on external web pages that the app displays.

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